Technologies Driving the Merging Of AEC & Geospatial Industries

I try not to read email messages first thing in the morning. This is because they easily distract me from the task at hand. But last week Thursday morning, I succumbed. I opened my inbox first thing in the morning. I don’t regret it.

You see, everywhere I look, there are construction projects—roads, residential buildings, schools and churches. On top of this, I’ve worked in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) industry for six years. I, therefore, couldn’t resist opening the message whose subject was “FREE Report: 3 KEY INNOVATIONS Driving the Merging of AEC and Geospatial Technologies”.

The report by Geo Week News puts the spotlight on 3 key innovations driving the merging of AEC and geospatial technologies namely:

  1. Improvements in 3D visualisation for external stakeholders
  2. Putting as-built structures in the geospatial context
  3. Pioneering 3D common data environments for integrating data

For each key innovation, the report highlights two examples of tools being used in the industry today.

If you, like me, are eager to read the report, you can find it here.

Apart from the innovations highlighted in the report, other geospatial technologies play a crucial role at every stage of a construction project life cycle: feasibility studies, planning and design, construction and operations and maintenance. The table below shows some of the geospatial technologies we use today compared to what was used in the past.

AEC Project StageTools Used in the PastGeospatial Technologies/ Tools Utilised Today
Feasibility studies [Survey Data Required]Theodolite, Total StationsSatellite Imagery/ Remote sensing data, Scanners, RTK, LiDAR, Mobile Mapping Technologies, GPR, Drones
Planning & Design StageDrawings, Paper maps, Digitized maps, CADCAD/BIM Integration, GIS, 3D Point Clouds, Digital Twins, Reality Capture, AR/VR Immersive Solutions, AI
Construction StageTraditional machinery, Paper-based construction drawingsBIM, GIS, GNSS enabled Machines, Robotics, 3D Printing
Operations & Maintenance StageSpreadsheets, CAD, Human inspectionsCAD, BIM, GIS, IoT, Big Data Analytics, AI, Smart Sensors, AR/VR, Digital Twins
Geospatial Technologies in Construction (Source)

The merging of AEC and geospatial technologies is a win-win for both sectors.

The application of geospatial technologies in AEC is an opportunity for the growth of the geospatial industry. Similarly, by adopting geospatial technologies, the AEC industry will have crucial gains: increased efficiency, more productivity, reduced costs and improved safety. 

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that there are many more geospatial technologies positively affecting the AEC industry. The fusion of indoor and outdoor photogrammetry data is one such technology.

Interested in learning how the fusion of indoor and outdoor photogrammetry data is changing the game in the construction industry?

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